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Zhongshan Senqiu Lighting Co., Ltd.

Premier designer and manufacturer of chandeliers, pendants, ceiling fixtures, and wall sconces

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  • Phone: +86-760-23388435
  • Mobile: +86-18925368619
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    Tongfu Road, Tongyi Industrial District, Dongxing Road, Guzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Senqiu Lighting is one of the leading brands of decorative light fixtures in China. Established in 1992 by Tony Ou, Senqiu has grown from a small fixture factory into a conglomerate with strong corporate presence and brand influence across the entire value chain. Today Senqiu operates a 100,0000 square meter modern manufacturing facility and employs over 3,000 people. Senqiu's diverse collection of lighting products can be found in commercial buildings, landmark skyscrapers, hotels and hospitality facilities, retail complexes, and residential properties all over the world. Senqiu's products are manufactured to high industry standards and compete advantageously at market sharp pricing through a global network of sales, support and distribution.

Despite its vibrant growth in other lighting niches such as commercial lighting and outdoor architectural lighting, Senqiu remains committed to strengthening its long established competencies in interior lighting. The company's flagship products, decorative light fixtures, are available in a variety of styles that range from traditional and transitional to contemporary. Senqiu's fixtures are constructed of an assortment of materials including crystals, jades, copper, and marbles. Senqiu brings deep expertise in design, materials, engineering and cutting edge technologies to every fixture. Whether sparkling chandeliers, elegant pendants, or brilliant ceiling fixtures and exquisite wall sconces, the superb styles, decorative sentiment and material beauty of Senqiu's meticulously crafted products are sure to maximize the livability and experience of an interior space.

Through its sophisticated manufacturing infrastructure, Senqiu's proactive team of highly experienced and skilled lighting professionals deliver consistent innovations that unlock business value. With a high level of vertical integration and flexible low cost operation, Senqiu Lighting can provide competitive turnkey lighting solutions for a vast range of residential and commercial lighting projects. The company is committed to excellence and efficiency at every stage to transform a highly conceptual idea into a beautiful, mindfully crafted, fully realized product that provides levels of reliability, durability and sustainability that are second-to-none. In addition to its uncompromising emphasis on quality, Senqiu has built a reputation for superior customer service that supports its customers' vision at every stage of the project.
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